At 7:34am (Libyan local Time) the Live blog at Al-Jazeera had an interesting entry:

“The Libyan Youth Movement” @shabablibya has launched a campaign to get the Google logo changed into the red, green, and black of the country’s former flag now adopted by protesters as the Libyan independence flag’

Following Suit

While Libya burns the protests exploding in Iraq have adopted the same strategies. You may wake up tomorrow with a new logo on your favorite search page.

UPDATE: Close friend and Private Security contractor has arrived back in the US after leaving North Africa. We will bring you the details of what he saw first-hand. It is much different from what journalists saw. Mercenaries entering into Libya consisted of some Sub-Saharan mercs while others were recruited as a condition of their release from prison by al-Gaddafi. Son Saif was also recruiting prisoners hours before his national address in which he promised civil war. Stay tuned…

Google Egypt, Iraq, and Beyond

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