Update and a phony apology!

Replace "Danger" with "Fun"

I wanted to apologize for the break in posts but I realized that if I did that it wouldnt be insincere.

Here is what I am working on:

25×25 is a typical green group funded by The Center for American Progress. Nothing shocking about that. However, all of the files I obtained on creating their website and organization were all on the American Federation for Teachers website. Proposals and amendments to legislation, signed by then Senator Obama and Hilary Clinton will be made available.

In addition the AFT had an interesting “Whistle Blowers” file on their servers-that too will be investigated and published as well. I’m just taking my time and being thorough. Even small mistakes like the one I made with Games for Change.

And I started a lame Associated Content/Yahoo profile to try and throw some eBay money into my paypal account. Check them out:

Palin and the Cross Hairs; “J’accusse!”

The Assassination of Salman Taseer and Pakistan’s Secular Struggle

and How Verizon Destroyed the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate

Updates and the profile on 25×25 by the end of the week-thanks for hanging!