AARP conducted Health Care Polling-Went against results to support it

During the debate over Health Care Reform, now dubbed “Obama Care”, support from organizations like the AARP were called into question. Journalists and Bloggers handled this from afar while Jason Mattera was the only one who had the balls to actually confront executives at the AARP. (See his video section)

Just before passage of the bill most informed people that were in opposition had understood that the AARP’s support of this bill would sell out their paying members.

But what if we had concrete proof that the AARP polled Health Care, got results that absolutely DID NOT support change in the US health Care system, and still went ahead with their endorsement?

Well folks, we do have that info now. Below (Click Image for Doc Stoc full file) is the AARP’s private polling report done in respect to current Health Care issues. Judging by the results from the AARP’s own polls there was no reason for them to endorse the legislation. (if you have problems viewing or downloading doc Contact me and I will email it to you)

This is from Sept. ’09 but the questions and their results reflect the basics of Health Care Reform and what wouldve been, and is now, in jeopardy. I found this file kicking around on an AARP affiliate’s server. It was labeled “Secured”. Obviously it wasnt. But never mind that. Lets take a look at the results.

In the Introduction the AARP report states that in association with Woelfe Research Inc polled citizens “at least 50 years of age” on current health concerns. And results were released jointly with the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association (Both endorsed Obama Care)

The Raw Numbers

7 in 10 “heard a lot” about health care reform

8 in 10 felt it was “very” or “somewhat” important that [Medicare] doctors receive adequate reimbursement. (remember the doctor fix that got thrown on the deficit? And the reduced compensation to Medicare providers in the years to follow?)

97% thought it was “very” or “somewhat” important to chose one’s own doctor (we now know that the legislation as written abandons this principle)

78% were “very” or “somewhat” confidant that if they developed a major illness that they would receive needed health care and prescriptions regardless of financial hardships (pg 7)

Starting on page 6 you can see the breakdown of the questions and the responses.

So why did they support it? Well, Jason Mattera was right, it was to line their pockets at the expense of Seniors hoping to get windfall gains off of Medigap coverage. His hunch was dead on, but he, nor the rest of us had the evidence. Until now.

In the video at 3:06 AARP’s Nancy Leamond admits that they “survey their members probably more than any other organization” Yes they do, and they made the decision to go against their members

AARP one month earlier produced a video that looks similar to a 1980’s Sex-Ed date rape profile. They seem to stand up for everything their members support-then did the opposite (aka lied their asses off the whole time) In November 2009 the AARP endorsed the House Bill