Obama gets Community College pressure from Unions-Creates Summit

First I would like to apologize to the AFT, Aftface.org, and Aftguild.org for borrowing documents off of your server. But lets be honest-you’re pretty sloppy and very predictable.

President Obama launched his Community College initiative on July 14, 2009 as reported by The Wall Street Journal and Slate

The lobbying from the Teachers Union started shortly after on October 3, 2009. The letter below was sent to Jill Biden at the White House courtesy of the AFT concerning pay rates of the part-time faculty at Community Colleges

(click image for full letter at DocStoc)

So what happens next? Almost a year to the day later, Jill Biden, the recipient of the letter from the AFT, now has a Community College Summit. From the White House Youtube channel:

Jill Biden has kicked off the tour stopping at AACS with more stops to follow. Just a small nudge from the AFT can go a long way.

And of course the Lecturers Union wasnt making enough cash so they decided to write the President and CC White House ally Randi Weingarten (AFT President) who the Huffington Post says is about to join Osama bin Laden on the list of Most Despised People in America.

In the letter it states “we know that the American Federation of Teachers works hand in hand with you [Obama] and your representatives”

(Click image for full letter at DocStoc)

Usually a letter to the president just generates an automated response handled by staffers. But when you’re from a powerful Teacher’s Union you get action. I’m sure in about a years time we will see something carved out for the Lecturers Union.