Race business gets too big for Sharpton

The Racism business is hotter than ever. It is expanding at such a rate that a top dog in that market is nearly being put out of business.  The NY Post today reports that Al Sharpton’s National Action Network “may not survive”.

Since racism is the only industry with almost no regulation the competition is fierce; so fierce that not even a true master tradesman could keep up.

Black and White

For example-

Disagreeing with the President’s social or fiscal policies makes you racist

Investigating the Congressional Black Caucus’ ethically challenged membership makes you racist

Even using the term “Black Hole” makes you a racist (It’s not scientific anymore)

So it is a competitive field and it seems that you can’t teach an old dog any new tricks. Maybe the Reverend should have learned how to Shirley Sherrod. She was able to tell a personal story of redemption based on her past racism and in the same breath unveil her current racism. Those investigating the story instead became the racists. That is how the real pro’s operate!