SEIU drags out Climate Scientist Danny Glover for Hugo Boss protest

Danny Glover is most famously known for the guy stuck on the toilet with a bomb under his ass in Lethal Weapon 2. But recently he has been more active in social causes. So much so that he has earned the title of “activist”. In a radio interview in January we also learned that Mr. Glover is not just an activist-he is also a climate scientist and specializes in plate tectonics.

We were all very shocked to learn of Mr. Glover’s other profession outside of acting in franchise films. But Mr. Glover appeared again recently to show the country and the world that he is a specialist in another field…the apparel industry.

The SEIU, along with Dennis Kucinich, decided it needed to bring out the Big Guns of the apparel industry to protest the closing of the Hugo Boss plant in Cleveland. So they got Danny Glover. Confused yet?

I'm here to save the world from global warming and earthquakes...oh wait, I mean greedy capitalists

The apparel industry just happens to be my area of expertise. By age 19 I was hailed in WMD as a “brand builder” and part of the the inner circle of the movers and shakers of the “schmata” business. So I understand completely why Hugo Boss needs to leave Cleveland…It’s a poisonous environment

Danny Glover (2nd from left), Dr. Neckenstein (far right)

Any brand name clothier, correctly structured, will manufacture in numerous locations around the globe. The reasons for this are that 1) certain products in your line can be manufactured better in certain locations and, 2) it acts as a buffer for financial stability just in case tariffs or regulations on production change. Hugo Boss is also manufactured in Germany, Turkey, and Croatia. They also have licensed lines that are produced in South Korea, Italy, Hong Kong, and Serbia. For example, I have a Hugo Boss tan tweed cashmere sport coat made in Turkey. I paid $3k for it. If that was made in the Cleveland plant the retail cost could have exceeded over $4k and no one would’ve purchased it. It’s made in Turkey simply to keep the manufacturing costs in line with the cost of the raw material (good cashmere is expensive-even raw). In Turkey, the people who are skilled enough to work with cashmere to make structured shoulder garments (i.e. suits and sport coats) come much cheaper hourly than the craftsmen here in the US.

But Hugo Boss’ problem in Cleveland is much deeper than just production costs…after all, they are in Cleveland and they are unionized. All the rallies in the world wont make them competitive in Cleveland’s toxic business environment. A reform on regulation and tax policy is the only thing that can keep their doors open. For proof of Cleveland’s toxic business environment please watch Reason TV’s “Reason Saves Cleveland” with Drew Carey

Hugo Boss needs to leave Cleveland because it cant continue to manufacture goods at a competitive price. If it continues to do so, it will need to raise the prices of all its other products. Are you willing to pay more for Hugo Boss? I’m not!

SEIU comes to Cleveland to save Hugo Boss