Sebelius appoints 5-Who are these miserable failures anyways?(part 1)

Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius has appointed 5 new losers as regional directors (This will be a five part series with a look at all appointees individually…next up the Podiatrist with no record)

Who are they and why were they picked to oversee certain aspects of the new USA healthcare equivalent to the ComIntern? Lets get knee-deep in mediocrity!

#1 Christie Hager

Hi everyone! Didnt our Healthcare work out great in MA?

The Health Care “reformer” of Massachusetts who is in part responsible for the massive failure the reform has levied upon the state.

She was the “Chief Health Counsel in the Office of the Speaker during the development, and enactment the first three years of implementation of the historic health reform law passed in 2006”

Side Note: (Harvard? Isn’t that where Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO just gave a speech about the racist hatred coming from Glenn Beck and Tea Party members??) Never mind that, lets stick to what is important.

The legislation she helped develop has been so wonderful that is it collapsing just 4 years later. But you need to disregard that and stick to what is important. And also please disregard the scramble in Mass to avoid the massive taxation from the new Healthcare reform that mimics the Massachusetts plan

Lets stay focused and please don’t think about the $1,116 per year a person could be fined in Mass for not buying into the Bernie Madoff Health Insurance Plan.

Please disregard this and don’t let it distract you. Remember, this was historic in Mass just like it was historic for the nation. And please don’t let your ADD take over and get consumed by the fact that Massachusetts has had to stop offering new health plans to small business

If you listen to Glenn Beck you would only know that our Healthcare costs sky-rocketed and that we had to start denying care and required federal money to keep our failing healthcare system afloat. Oh wait, it wasnt just Glenn Beck saying that; silly me

Hi Im Charles Stefanini and I'm pear-shaped so not many pics of my stupid ass are on the interwebz

In her course teachings she uses lobbyist Charles Stefanini as an example of positive Legislative actions taken on behalf of Massachusetts nurses

It seemed to work out just fine for the Liberals. Healthcare costs sky-rocketed, people are being denied coverage, it has crippled the state, and new concessions at the federal level will start to force everyone to except less health care services (i.e. leftist visctory)

Anyways, its been a great success (aka failure) and she is happy to bring it to you on a National Level