How to debunk the Huffington Post in 30 seconds

Tonight a new entry on the Huffington Post appeared; The Silver Lining in the Greek Debt Crisis” by Steven Hill (he spells his first name with a “v’ instead of “ph” like all good Germans)


In that post (bloggers mistakenly call this a “piece”, its not) he states that Europe has more Fortune 500 Companies than the USA and China combined. Lucky for us we have the same internet that he does and a quick search on CNN money helps us debunk that ridiculous notion.

As you can see the US has 140 of the Fortune 500 Companies

While Europe has a whopping 50!!!!

And we didn’t even include China which has 13 Fortune 500 Companies

140 Us Companies + 13 in China equals 153, which is greater than Europe’s 50. And that is how you debunk the Huffingting Post in 30 seconds. You’re welcome