Germans Dump Climate Change-The final nail in the coffin? No way…Ramp up the cash!!

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Germany, the avant garde of social, economic, and environmental justice are shying away from the concept of Anthropogenic Global Warming. In light of the recent Climategate emails made public, the champions of compassion are slowly retreating from the front lines to the safety and security of their base camps.

In the most precise review of the impact that Climategate has had on the truth behind AGW Der Spiegel released an 8 page review citing the broad range of skepticism that has trickled down into public opinion and has the ethical scientists squeaking out from between the cracks of a foundation of fraud built by the pro-AGW crowd of fraudsters. In this piece they also touch on the Railroad engineer (miscategorized as the world’s top climate change scientist) Rajendra Pachauri’s knowledge of the falsified report of complete glacier melt by 2035. This is the same railroad engineer and erotic novelist whom recently released a “fiction” novel about a climate scientist who travels the world tagging Global Groupies (via Watts Up With That. I altered/improved his pic)

I'm in your country, Sexxxin your ladies

In light of the possible prospect of finally having a sobering conversation on Climate Change, the reaction from the far left has been to accelerate in all aspects of propaganda, funding, and threats. In “Climate Money” Australian Joanne Nova explains in detail the flaws of the incentives behind the massive US Government spending in the field of “climate science” and how the same incentive skews professional opinion in favor of creating a crisis. The paper also shows how the “green” government cash dwarfs any contributions from the sectors of the targeted technologies (i.e. coal and oil)

Threats and ramped up funding-How Liberals get Funky

When the leftist agenda is revealed they react like wild badger cornered by a powerful predator. Fight for your life…Hiss, spit, growl. Brace for attack. In the realm of political capital and public opinion the actions that a cornered badger will take are quite similar to that of ideologues. This is when you ramp up the public funds and let the special interest go on the offensive. For example, this Administration needs to pump the life line of this movement with cash. This will allow the information gathered through studies to enter into the mainstream with a enough volume to flood out the opinions of dissent. Its the reason why the Obama Admin will be cutting the Space Shuttle program and front loading extra cash to research “Settled Science”

Don’t worry, we’re getting a mini-space shuttle out of the deal, that ironically, is supposed to be launched from the Space Shuttle. Its going to perform “unspecified technology tests” (translation: “its available at Toys R Us”)

Available in major retailers this X-mas!!

While the money is being allocated the special interest groups gain a boost of energy to increase the degree of pressure relevant to their objective. Green Peace recently released a statement in which they end off in saying “We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.” (original Greenpeace link which they have now redacted-you can find the original text here)

Its crunch time for the Administration. With the growing opposition and skepticism from a more educated public, and the fading hopes of passing cap and trade through the Senate, its time for guerrilla warfare. Executive commisions to appropriate funds and action directly to the EPA and the subtle message to the advocacy groups to “show their teeth”, hiss, growl, and attack. The last blast of energy is squeezed out and transformed into a full sprint in the home stretch and only a strategically placed trip wire can save us now.

Breakout the ruler