The $300 Million Woman-DOE’s Cathy Zoi

In February John Stossel did a report on “Crony Capitalism” which pointed out that the Department of Energy’s Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Reneweable Energy (EERE) Cathy Zoi may have had some serious influence in helping her husband’s window company get a tax credit not available to their competitors. What Stossel missed was that this is standard operating procedure for Mrs. Zoi and she has been more candid in the recent past.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign Mrs. Zoi was in Australia with the NSW EPA as an Assistant Director General and gave an interview to Australian Broadcast Company’s Tony Jones. He prefaces the interview slightly different from video (this will open in a new windows media player-not downloadable with ABC blocking it) to transcript. In print, from Mr. Jones;

“Chief executive of the Coalition for Climate Control, Cathy Zoi, speaks to Lateline about the plan to inject $300 million into the United States presidential campaign.”

In the video Tony Jones states she “has a surprisingly large sum of money to do it.” Where did the money come from? According to NPR it came through Gore’s We Campaign

Now Zoi is also (at the time of the interview) the CEO of The Alliance For Climate Protection and the “pioneer” of the governments Energy Star program which recently just awarded certification to a gasoline powered alarm clock. The Alliance for Climate Protection is Al Gore’s creation with sister organizations like Repower America (Cathy Zoi), The WE Campaign, The Climate Project, and Reality Coalition (They award certification for solar powered flashlights).

A quick view of the “Our Partners” section of The Alliance For Climate Protection’s website shows us some familiar names. Amongst them are’s key messengers are Van Jones and disgraced Climate-Gate scientist James Hansen. Also included in the partners list is Van Jones’ Green For All. But this shouldnt surprise any of us. After all, The President of the Apollo Alliance, Jerome Ringo, not only serves on the Advisory Board of Cathy Zoi’s Alliance for Climate Protection but also teamed up with Van Jones for the Apollo’s Green Collar Jobs project. Earlier, “Green For All” had proposed the “Green Job Acts of 2007” in which they stated (in section 4 “Who will get the money”) that the primary responsibility of awarding funds to their projects would fall upon the Department of Labor. In section 6, under “Who Helped make this Happen?” (actually it says, “Who is helped make this happen?” hows that Ivy League degree Van?) we find Hilda Solis, the current Secretary of the Department of Labor, and very close comrade of big labor unions.

Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis

However, another “partner” has an interesting relationship to the AFT (teachers union). 25× on the surface appears to be simple and maybe even grassroots. Unfortunately all their files are hosted on the website, and lucky for us their servers are wide open, go ahead and check their documents here. I stumbled across this when I was online document diving for the Education Action Group.  This also shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Jerome Ringo’s vision has always been “to build a broader and more powerful green movement” using his vehicle the

“Apollo Alliance, a coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, business leaders and elected officials that advocates a massive green jobs and development program for the United States. Apollo proposes investing $300 billion of public funds in green energy technologies over the next ten years.” according to Jeff McIntire-Strausburg of

So we have been hoodwinked. Van Jones and his appointment were a distraction. While we were focusing on a do-nothing advisory position, in which he would’ve recommended every one of the greenies plans, the foundation was being built with Gore cash, Clinton retreads overseeing stimulus funds, and the Apollo Alliance writing the stimulus package to be overseen by special interests in non-profit and government whom had already signed off on their support of this.