Behind the Coulter Protesters: In their own words

Recently, Ann Coulter was blocked from speaking at the University of Ottowa due to student protest. But who are these protesters? And what are their views and beliefs outside of the scope of an internationally hyped media event? I will show you.

If you read this story please note three key names towards the end; Sameena Topan, Faris Lehn, and Rita Valeriano

First off, among the Coulter protesters we have Sameena Topan (Originally I was going to source this through but they have already censored the story) Who had advocated for a more “accessible campus” while running for Board of Adminstrators Even in her Youtube address she says she is “approachable” and wants “to hear what people have to say”. She wants to hear what you say as long as you are not Ann Coulter.

Then we have Faris Lehn, who is, in himself a gigantic monument to ignorance. In the above article he stated “Its too bad she didn’t get to speak because I think she would’ve made herself look more ridiculous than anyone here could’ve made her look”

Oh really Faris? How about your Facebook posting on the Kama Sutra when he said:

“They fuck like men, they don’t HAVE to get married, and they feel empowered. I for one think this is bad and is the destruction of the feminine identity”

Ahhh, Identity politics, that is, after all, what it is all about. Typical from a person who signed the Student Manifesto at the University of Ottowa and is an active back-bencher fan of the Huffington Post.

Also in the story we have Rita Valeriano. Whom had recently recieved The Constance Jones Scholarship in Womens Studies Who seems empowered and driven to advance the female role in all affairs…Except Ann Coulter.

This follows the similar pattern of Marxian Economics (which I will dive into later) that invites women of their ideology into their cabal but puts a target on other successful women that do not share their beliefs. Its the double standard of progress that always makes progressives look like hypocrites.