SEIU inspired Union Band & their SEIU Inspired Violence

I have this bad habit of following around Communists and Hard Line Lefties. Usually it only takes a short time for them to reveal that they are in fact guilty of the charges they lay upon their opponents. It’s the sort of guilty pleasure that delivers the definitive satisfaction only experienced by devoted opium eaters and first-time skydivers. A short period of anticipation occurs before you reap the reward.

During the ’08 campaign I decided to stay locally focused and came across the Communist Party of CT Chairperson , Organizing for America, and Women for Obama member,  Joelle Fishman. I dubbed her the “boring blog lady” and went on with my life observing the CPUSA mostly from afar. Two weeks ago I checked in on one of her blogs and found a link to a local band that she had plugged called “The Rabble Rousers”. Started by Bill Collins, he cites his inspiration for creating the band:

I was inspired to these ends in great part by witnessing my partner Gwen’s dedication to working towards social change and justice on a national level as part of the progressive Community/Union movement (through UNITE HERE, SEIU and CCNE)

So far, a statement like that can be attributed to any activist, but their song lyrics reflect the collective view on the use of violence to achieve ends. We see an accurate representation of this in their song “Casey Jones” where a worker is “scabbin the SP Line” by avoiding striking in name of the union (side note-this reminds me of Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion). This is also why the Kenneth Gladney case enraged me, but didnt surprise me

Well the workers said to Casey, ‘Won’t you help us win this strike?’ He said, ‘You’d better get along, you better take a hike!’ Then someone threw a bunch of railroad ties across the track And Casey hit the bottom with an awful smack


Casey Jones – hit the river bottom

Casey Jones – broke his bloomin’ spine

Casey Jones – became an Angeleno And took a trip to heaven on the S.P. line

The song goes on to tell of Casey doing just fine in Heaven until…He goes “scabbin” on the Angels just like he did at his job. The Angels Union gets together and kicks him down the “golden stairs” into Hell

Casey Jones – went to hell a-flyin’

Casey Jones – the Devil said, ‘Oh fine,

Casey Jones – get busy shovelin’ sulphur

That’s what you get for scabbing on the S.P. line!’

The left has a history of attacking organized religion. I have always found this ironic because they are just as organized and just as dogmatic in their belief of unions and government. Their success relied heavily on the transfer of faith from family and god, to the state. The message is clear-Obey the Unions or you may die…and the Angels Union will eventually kick you out of Heaven. But they are cunning, and replace those beliefs and values the same way you replace a bridge. You don’t tear it down, you build a bright shiny one next too it and just slightly tweak the road at the new entrance